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Sultry Snake with Realistic Snake Scales Body Paint

Hello, my name is Jessica . For Halloween this Year I was a Sultry Snake. To start off thinking what I wanted to be, I knew I wanted to be something creative and unique. I was entering a costume contest and was determined to get BEST female costume. I choose the snake, because I knew I could body paint myself, then get a black outfit and rock it.

So I started viewing videos on YouTube how to make snake scales. I didn’t find anything! Therefore I moved on to search for mermaid scales, this was a successful search and found tons of videos. The simplest and best turn out is to use fishnet stockings, so there I had it.I knew how I was going to achieve the look! I bought dark brown, white, and black water base body paint, to accomplish a neutral toned snake. I went with a black see through body suit with high leather black shorts.

To accessorize I went with black and gold snake like earrings, and a snake bracelet  (very chic). I got a black and grey scarf to wrap around my waist as a flow, a little extra shazam in the outfit. To complete to the outfit I had to get bold red stilettos to stand out. I got all beautified BIG HAIR, lashes, scales. I was ready to take home the gold.

I ended up winning “Best Female Costume” for $250.00, everyone loved it ! People kept touching my arms and legs ” OMG that is actually your skin ? It looks awesome” “SO Creative!” I definitely got lots of compliments on the costume. I was going in with full confidence, ready to attain the win and did! I couldn’t have been happier, it was a great Halloween. Hope you ENJOY!


Rockin' it


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