For Halloween 2012, I was the Headless Bride of Frankenstein and my husband was Frankenstein. My costume was made from a thrift store wedding dress, a rolling back pack, LOTS of zip ties and hot glue and stuffing. First, I extended the handle of the backpack, attached a hanger to the top with zip ties for the bride’s shoulders. Then I constructed arms out of panty hose and stuffing and attached those to the hanger. I was able to find a flesh-colored turtleneck (also thrift store find) to cover the torso with. I used long gloves and then wrapped gauze around those as well. I stuffed the rest of the torso with stuffing and tied it off at the bottom.

I put a roll of toilet paper over the top of the hanger, which filled in the neck of the turtleneck. I then cut up a sports bra and glued just the cups to the front of the sweater and stuffed those as well, gluing everything down with hot glue. I had to cut a slit in the front of the dress for my head, as well as 2 slits on the sides for my arms. I cut a little bit of the dress off the back and sewed it to the bottom of the front of the dress so it looked like it was floor length. When it was all assembled, I just put on the back pack and stuck my head and arms through the slits. I wore a long-sleeved white shirt and gloves so they would blend in with the dress. I added a wig and make-up and voila! My Creature was born!

For my husband’s costume, I found a thrift store jacket which was perfect because it was too small. Then we cut off the legs of some old pants he had and shredded those. I bought the Frankenstein headpiece and bolts, but I had the hat and he wore his own boots. We had a blast!