SpongeBob Costume

When I was invited to a Cartoons and Comics themed party I could only think of one character I wanted to go as: SpongeBob.

I took inspiration from several of the costumes on this site and made the costume out of a box which I painted yellow, white and brown and then added the tie and belt detail. The face was the tricky part but I found a very helpful website that explained exactly how to draw Sponge bob’s face by typing “SpongeBob drawing” into Google.

Drawing the details on with pencil then painting over them and then going over the lines with a black marker pen afterward helped create the illusion that I actually managed to keep the paint within the lines! The holes for my arms and legs were cut into the box, after painting and with much trial and error, until the arm holes were large enough for me to move my arms around (so I could drink). Unfortunately I couldn’t pass anything between my hands without bringing my arms into the box, but the other party guests were kind enough to help me with that.

Finally the SpongeBob costume was finished off with some yellow tights on my arms and legs, a pair of white football socks and a white shirt and I went for wearing a SpongeBob t-shirt underneath so that I could take the box off late in the evening but everybody would still know who I was. This website is brilliant – keep up the good work everyone!

Total Spent: $50

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