Coolest Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton Costumes

My oldest (he’s 8) is obsessed with Spongebob. And I insist on theme costumes, so this year I made my 3 kids characters from Spongebob. For the boys, it was obvious– Spongebob and Patrick. For my daughter, I really wanted her to be Plankton, ‘cuz she’s tiny! :)

[Spongebob:] I had my son lay down on a large piece of cardboard so I could mark where his head, shoulders, arms and waist were. I then drew a Spongebob shape using those guidelines. This became the pattern piece. The Spongebob costume was made with felt. I cut yellow felt from the pattern, the brown and white felt I cut to fit with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

I then used a pic of Spongebob as a guide for cutting out the shapes of his features. A large plate worked well for the eyes. I used a sewable heat and bond for the appliques.

Once I had all the features in place, I sewed the front and back, right sides together, leaving openings for the head arms and legs. I turned it right side out and pressed the seams a bit to make sure the curves would stay as I had intended. On Halloween night, I used some fiber-fill to stuff the shoulders so they’d keep there shape. The legwarmers I made from fleece.

[Plankton:] I made this one pretty much the same as the SB. I had my daughter lay down on a piece of cardboard to get her measurements and make a pattern piece. This piece was just oval. Again, I referenced a picture to get the shapes of the features.

On this one, I only sewed the sides together and put snaps at the shoulders. The antennae were made using a $2 reindeer headband from Target. I stripped the felt off, keeping the felt from the headband piece as a template. I cut down the stabilizer that was in the headband and put pipe cleaners into the base. Then I cut green felt in a cone shape to encase the antennae. I used the felt template to cut green felt to encase the headband. I sewed the bottom edges, and hot glued the rest in place.

[Patrick:] I used a pattern for sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt for this one. I just altered the hood shape to get the shape I wanted. The appliques are felt and were again created using a picture for reference. The pants, I just made green sweatshorts and then sewed in the bottom of a pink pant leg. Again, the appliques are felt. On Halloween night, I stuffed the hood with fiber-fill so it would stand upright.

Truthfully, this was a team effort. My husband made and cut most of the patterns for me and did a lot of my shopping for me, too. I had put this off to the last minute and didn’t get started making the costumes until October 24th — and they had a costume contest to go to on the 28th. Oh, and I work full-time. It was a sleepless week, but I’m super happy with the outcome– even though they didn’t win the contest.

Coolest Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton Costumes 12

Coolest Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton Costumes 12

Coolest Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton Costumes 12

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