Our family Trick or Treats for the local Food Pantry and I hand make our costumes every year. My daughter loved this show growing up and really wanted to do these SpongeBob Halloween costumes.

One of my daughters was SpongeBob, my other daughter was Patrick, I was Mr. Crab and we had our cat dressed as Gary the snail who went with us as we collected. (I even had the show’s theme song playing as we walked around). I tried to make them as detailed as possible to the actual characters. All of our costumes were made out of foam and a light fleece fabric. I was able to get giant googly eyes for 2 of the characters and made the other one (for the crab).

Making the SpongeBob Halloween Costumes

MR. CRAB……The whole body I made out of thin foam with light fleece fabric. I used a black leather type trim for the belt and gold stretchable sequence for the buckle. Then I glued them together. I cut foam poster board glued them together and added yellow and black felt for the eyes. For the lashes, I used red felt and wrapped red fabrics to the backside. Then black pipe cleaners around the eyes made slits on top of head poked through and then I hot glued until sturdy. As for claws I used red fabric cut in claw shape attached black felt in the middle opening. They were stuffed with fiber fill, sewed shut and then I sewed on red gloves. The teeth were made from jewelry.

PATRICK…..I made the whole body of thin foam with light fleece fabric. I made it as 2 pieces and used Velcro to attach the bathing suit and legs to the torso. For the eyelids, I added purple fabric, glued black pipe cleaners around eyes and used black felt for eye brows.

SPONGE BOB……..I made the whole body of thin foam with light fleece fabric. In order to change the eye color to blue, I opened the googly eyes. In addition, I made a black pupil out of felt. I also used black felt for eye lashes and black pipe cleaners around the eyes for effect. In order to sculpt his nose, I used foam. Then put material on it. I did the same for his lips and hot glued them on.

In conclusion, we collected about a full car load of food for the pantry and made a lot of families happy.