Coolest Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume

When my daughter decided that we would dress up in Spongebob this year, I just couldn’t find the “perfect” Spongebob costume anywhere. My son, the little character that he is, decided he wanted to be Plankton, because he is EVIL, ha. Well, forget about trying to buy one of those. So being the crafty person that I am, I decided I can make a Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume.

Spongebob was the first costume to be made. I started out with a box I bought at Wal-Mart. I ended up taking off the bottom flaps and cutting the sides down to fit my child better. Then I drew Spongebob on the back of wrapping paper that was the same size as the front of my box. I then cut it apart and made stencils to use on my cardboard. I cut out the eyes first, and then all the little holes to make the sponge look. I then measured my kiddo and figured out where her arms needed to go and cut those holes out too.

I then used what I had and made the waves on the top and sides of Spongebob by carving floral foam. I glued them to the top of the box and down the side (very messy, but it worked.) The waves down at the bottom just above the shirt, I made with my hot glue gun. I had to go over it like 6 times to make it looked raised up.

So then I took super 77 and sprayed down the front of the box and added a layer of batting. I then cut out all the batting covering the holes. Then I sprayed it down again and added the fleece (I did the same with the back as well). As I cut out the fabric in all the holes, I cut it like a pie so that I could pull the fabric inside the box and hot glue it down.

To cover the sides I bought some poster board and cut it to the width and length that I needed. I then hot glued the fleece onto the poster board. Then I hot glued the poster board to the floral foam.

I then got my sewing machine out and sewed together some white material to some brown. I then added it to the box by spraying it down with super 77. I also made the collar and tie with my sewing machine. I made the eyes by covering it with left over white fabric and netting. The blue and black part, I just ironed on some interface to make the fabric stiffer and cut out the circles and glued it on to the netting. I made the mouth by covering cardboard with some batting and material and hot glued it all together.

So the last thing I did was got an old black sweatshirt, cut off the sleeves and made new sleeves with the left over fleece. The brown shorts I made from a pair of sweat pants I bought and cut into shorts. I then bought a pair of white tights and cut them up to add the fleece to the top to make his legs and then sewed the bottom part back on and added blue and red ribbon to make them look like socks.

Plankton is pretty similar, I started with a box that I cut open and took off the top and bottom flaps. I then took an empty 2-liter bottle and started wrapping the box around it. This helped make it bendable so that I could make it round. I found the middle of the box and started making my cuts. I cut out the eye, mouth and armholes. I sprayed it down with super 77 and added batting and then the fleece.

The mouth I made by using the cut out from the box and adding a 1 ½? strip of cardboard all around. I then hot glued and taped that on to the inside of the box so that you could actually stick you hand in his mouth. I did the same thing with the tongue.

The eyebrow, teeth and eye I embroidered on my sewing machine. The antennas I made by rolling up batting and covering them with some fleece. I then made him a pair of pants and used and old black sweatshirt and cut the sleeves off and made new ones from the fleece.

Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume

Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume

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  1. Are you interested in selling or giving away your Plankton costume? A 7 year old boy with unresponsive cancer has on his bucket list to be a SpongeBob character, specifically an evil henchman like Plankton. As you already know, there are no Plankton costumes for purchase. I thought I’d see if you were ready to retire yours to a good cause.

    Read about Julian here:

    And contact him directly above or contact me at if you want to help.

  2. What kind of box did you buy for Spongebob? How did you make the bubbles, or divots in the sponge? Does the top of the box sit on the child’s head, or did you install supports inside?

  3. We love the plankton costume. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are selling them. My son is in third grade and 8 years old.



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