For this costume we dressed our little girl in all white and added red and blue electrical tape to the sleeves for the stripes.  Found the boots at a yard sale and spray painted them gray.  Bought a white trashcan from a restaurant supply store, painted the zipper on with gray paint and printed out a acron to paste on it.  Next we had to find a plastic fish bowl that was big enough to go over her head and hot glued a flower on it.  Drilled holes in the top of the trashcan and added bolts all around it.  We painted her face to resemble a squirrel and glued a piece of white foam to the top of her lip to look like two big teeth.  Got online and printed out the spongebob picture and glued it to the dow rod for her to hold, and on the other side it says “howdy ya’all” which is what Sandy Cheeks always says.  On the back we added a huge squirrel tail that we made out of brown fur we bought at the fabric store and wraped it around wire.  My daughter was a huge hit in this costume where ever we went with kids of all ages, they loved it.