Awesome Homemade Sandy Cheeks Costume

I worked at Nickelodeon, Singapore so I thought going as a character from the channel might be fun. I decided to go as Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants! It is quite a challenge to make her costume, but it was totally worth it. I had a blast and won the best costume. Everybody went on to try on my helmet and play with my tail.  Best part was when I was sitting down facing the dance floor and my tail accidentally knocked a glass off the table, fell to the floor and was broken to pieces! Everybody was a little drunk by then so we all just laugh about it! People start high-five-ing my tail then.

The Helmet:

I actually saw how to make this from another entry here:  It’s called a tape sculpture and it’s brilliant! Here are the the instructions

It’s basically made with clear packing tape. I use a big beach ball as the mold. I cut out the bottom of the sculpture to fit my head in and a smaller circle down the front so that I can breathe fresh air and see clearly. The flower on the helmet is made from purple & yellow craft foam.

The Body:

I bought a sheet of foam cushion and measure it against my body. I just made big random stiches to join the foam together. I then cut out 2 holes on both side of the foam for my arms; this will hold the foam up. Then I wrap up the foam with white sheet and glue gun the fabric to the foam all around. The silver detailing on the body are drawn with a silver fabric marker. The acorn badge is just a print out on cardstock paper glued to the foam.

The Outfit:

White long sleeve t-shirt. I glue gun some thin red and blue ribbon for the lines on the arm. For the pants, I just wear a white jeggings.

The Shoe:

I use grey craft foam to cut out the pieces for the shoe. Total of 5 sides with no base. Also a cylinder for the ankle. I wore flats underneath so its crucial to make the foam shoe bigger than your real shoe and the cylinder wide enough that you can carefully slot your feet in without tearing the craft foam. Then I just cut out red craft foam for the red dot. The foam shoe will wiggle around when you walk so just tape the inner side to your flats.

This costume does take a bit of work but they are quite simple and definitely doable ;) It was also fun to dance in! With my tail wagging and all. I was abit sad that I have some food stains on me. Oh well, battle scars! :D



Awesome Homemade Sandy Cheeks Costume

Awesome Homemade Sandy Cheeks Costume

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