My kids wanted to do these first. For Sandy, I started with mattress foam, then white fleet, and glued everything together. I printed out an acorn and drew on the zipper with a gray Sharpie pen, the flower was printed out too. I bought a pair of gray boots for cheap and just used a red Sharpie for the button on the side. The helmet was purchased at party city for $5.00 each and I just glued them together. My daughter did the makeup and I just did her hair. As for the gloves, I made those myself from the white fleet I had left over. I purchased a pair of white pants and shirt and made the stripes with duct tape. Most of everything was glued or sewed on.

As for the Mermaid man, I purchased the sandals, pants, shirt, shells, stockings and gloves. It was easy to put together. Painted the hair white and made the letter M out of form too. Purchased shells, just put the elastic on them and painted them purple.

Now, Patrick was a little challenge, I purchased coral fabric and cut it to my shape as a star, sewed everything together and then I made the mittens out of the same fabric and sewed them to the suit. Purchased lime green shorts, printed out the flower, traced it to the shorts and painted it on with painted for clothing. Then I took white fleet to make the eyes, sewed them on, and just opened the center to look threw. Did the eyebrows the same way with black fleet and the mouth too. It’s time consuming but worth it. Filled my belly with a pillow and some stuffing for the legs and arms, and for the belly button, I just cut out a piece of foam and glued fabric to it.