Coolest DIY Spongebob Squarepants Halloween Costume

I made this DIY Spongebob Squarepants Halloween Costume for my son this year… He loves Spongebob!!

For the past three years, he has competed in the Costume Contest in our town, and he has won 1st place each year. This year he took 1st in his category and 2nd place overall.

Putting the costume together is something I look forward too! It’s fun, unique, and best of all, it’s something he’s going to look back on someday!

What you need:
Cardboard – For stability
One Roll of 2” Foam ($27.99 @ Hobby Lobby)
(about) 1.5 yards Brown Felt
(about) 1 yard White Felt
¼ yard of Black Felt
1 piece of Red craft foam
1 piece of brown craft foam
1 piece of white craft foam
2 cans Yellow Spray paint
2 cans of Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue Gun

Get the measurements for the (gonna be) Spongebob.

Cut the foam to fit and brace one side of the foam with cardboard. This will ensure the costume stays together.

Glue the foam to the cardboard with a hot glue gun. Once you have the each side together, tear out the sponge holes. (I did it by hand) This gives it the “Spongebob Look”.

After that, glue the top of the costume (head area) on and repeat the step above. Do your cut outs for the arms and head. Paint several coats until color looks even.

You can see how the felt looks. Just cut your felt accordingly to go around all 4 sides of the costume. I made the tie out of the red foam. I made the eyes out of cardboard. I made them look 3D.

I made the mouth with brown foam, and the teeth with white foam (You could even use a foam plate for these).

Total Cost = Around $60

Happy Making!

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