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Coolest Homemade Spongebob and the Gang Group Costume

I have a 3 year old grand baby that lives with me and was watching Spongebob on TV.  She said, “Mammal can I be Spongebob?   So I sat down one weekend and had a box and started cutting it out.  I wanted to make a costume for her but not spend a boat load of money. I purchased a yard of yellow felt that was on sale for $2.99 a yard after doing a lot of thinking about how to make the box look like a sponge.

I came up with cutting some water noodle (that we already had for the pool) in half and glued them to the sides and top, used some white foam sheets that I got from work that were in the trash to help cover the noodles.  After covering   that with the felt I used and old white sweatshirt for the sleeves, a pair of white tube sock for legs and a pair of old brown leggings for bottom of the pants.

I purchased 8 pieces of felt for the colored parts that cost about $.25 a sheet. For the shoes I used about 4 sheets of black felt and a couple of large sheets of plastic canvas that was about $3.00 and an old pair of shoes.  She told me that Spongebob needed a Krusty Krab Hat so I took 2 pieces of white and 1 blue felt and came up with his hat. So all together I spent under $10.00 on her outfit.  When we went to a Halloween Party the little kids actually thought she was the real Spongebob and wanted to hug her!

Spongebob Complete

Spongebobs Shoes

Krusty Krab Hat


Then I was asked what costume I was going to make for my grandson, so we came up with Plankton.  I found a used pattern for $.50 and purchased a yard of green felt and about 4 pieces of colored felt and proceeded to make it. I spent about $5.00 on his costume.  That was the easy one.


Patrick & Squidward

Then my daughter and I decided we might as well dress up so she choose Squidward and I choose Patrick.  I work 3rd, and I when I couldn’t sleep I would sit up and sew.  I went and purchased some plastic canvas and sat up one weekend and cut out pieces and connected them together to try making the faces, after watching many you-tube videos to get some ideas, I went to work on making them. When I got the shell of them done, I placed them on the back of a chair.  I woke up to hear my daughter laughing at them.  I used the stuffing out of some old pillows for batting, then took felt and covered it, I used a piece of screen to make the eye holes to see out of and painted them with some old paint we had around the house.

The Heads of Patrick and Squidward

Patrick & Squidward (part 2)

I purchased a pattern for $1.99 for the bodysuit and purchased 3 yrds of blue/ gray felt for Squidward’s outfit.  I used the same pattern for Patrick except I had to make some alteration to the pattern to make the suit look like him.I purchased about 5 yards of pink felt to make Patrick’s suit.  I had some old zippers that I used them for the suits, I made gloves to match the outfits, and used some scrapes of purple felt for the dots on the gloves, and I revamped the shoes covers to look like Squidwards feet and added an extra one so he has 4 feet, and I used a couple sheets of plastic canvas to make a copy of her shoes to fill the extra foot.

We purchased an old pale green polo shirt at goodwill for $3.00 to finish up Squidward’s outfit. For Patrick’s outfit I used a hula-hoop that we purchase for a $1.00 and wrapped it with the stuffing of an old pillow.to make the belly stand out.  I purchased some lime green material and 4 pieces of purple felt, and took the same pattern and to make the shorts. I had about $40.00 in our two outfits. We tried them on; I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

Squidward & Patrick


So I thought I was done, wrong, my 19 year old decided to challenge me to make Sandy. The body was the easy part, I use a yard of white felt and a round laundry basket, used the same pattern to make the suit, she had a pair of white stretch pants for the legs.  I purchased some fake fur and used the same pattern to make the head piece/mask.  For the shoes I used and old pair of boots and plastic canvas and covered them with gray felt. Now came the challenging part, the bubble. I found some large clear bowls and a kind maintenance man at work cut the top and bottom out for me and I glued them together.  When we put them over the fur mask, it made it very hard to breathe, so I went to a computer repair store and they gave me an old PC fan and we hooked it up to a 9 volt battery and I cut it down to fit in the top part of the bowl. It allowed air to flow into bowl.  Made a flower to place over the fan and hold the battery. I spent about $25 on her costume.

Sandy Cheeks

Gary the snail

So after that I decided to make a basket for my grandbabies candy. So I decided to make Gary, I had enough scrape that I didn’t have to purchase and more material.

Gary The Snail

The Spongebob Gang!

So after making 5 costumes and a basket, I only spent about $80.00 on all the costumes.  I am pretty proud of the outcome. We walked in our local Halloween Parade and had a lot of fun. So here is my version of  the SpongeBob gang.

The Spongebob Gang!

The Spongebob Gang!

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