Coolest Homemade Squidward Costume

A Homemade Squidward Costume from Sponge Bob Squarepants is by far the most difficult costume I’ve ever had to make. Logan couldn’t choose something easy like Sponge Bob or, even better, Patrick. No, no, he had his heart set on Squidward for about two months now and there was no changing it.

I’ll give you a run down of what I did to make this costume just in case you wanted to make one for yourself or your kids. I don’t recommend Squidward as a last minute costume though. It took me nearly 2 weeks to finish this one!

First I started with a picture of Squidward from one of Logan’s books. I measured Logan’s head around and formed the bottom of the head out of cardboard. Then I made two bands of blue fleece in the same roundness. I created a bulbous nose and stuffed it lightly. I then sewed the nose into the middle of the two fleece bands.

Next I made a bulbous head out of fleece. This was kind of hit and miss. It was hard to get just the right amount of shape. I sewed it onto the band of fleece to create the main head. I then stuffed the head lightly. I didn’t want it to be heavy to wear, so very little stuffing is used.

I didn’t glue anything down yet, because I was still getting the basic shape and wanted to make straps to hold the whole thing on.

Next I got some white fabric and made slightly bulgy eyes (stuffed lightly). Then I glued them in place and added the red rectangle eye balls.

Then I cut out the shape of the mouth from cardboard and glued 2 pieces of blue fleece onto the front and back. I cut out the red mouth, white teeth and pink tongue from felt and glued them in place. I know that Squidward rarely smiles, but on a 3 year old, I think he can make an exception! I didn’t want him to be sad Squidward.

Then I cut out all the details – the eyelids, the forehead wrinkles and the “hair” dots and glued them in place. These were all made out of felt.

Next I made the straps to hold the hat on Logan’s head. I used Velcro to attach it under his chin. I glued the straps in and glued the entire head onto the first piece of cardboard I cut out. I “lined” the hat with fleece for comfort.

Then I made a basic blue fleece sweatshirt in Logan’s size. I made the tentacle hands by sewing together two pieces of fleece and gluing the felt hands and suction cup- looking dots onto the fleece. I then attached them to the sweatshirt using Velcro. That way Logan will have a nice sweatshirt to wear after Halloween. Remember to always use the soft part of the Velcro on the sweatshirt so that when the child wears it later it won’t be scratchy.

I made a regular pair of fleece pants for Logan and created two long straps for Squidward’s extra legs. I made some feet and feet covers the same way I made them for the top (only I stuffed the ones that I sewed onto the straps). I attached the extra legs and the feet covers with Velcro again so that Logan will have a new pair of pants to wear after Halloween. The extra legs just attach to the inside of the waistband.

Squidward can’t walk around naked, so I had to sew up a shirt for him as well. He wears a boring brown shirt with a collar. I know that his shirt buttons only at the top and not all the way down, but I got this shirt pattern for $1.99 so it’s not authentic, but it’s cheap! :P

Logan reminded me that Squidward has a name tag as well. He thinks his mommy can do everything and wanted me to make a metal one. Sheesh! He’ll have to live with this felt and marker one instead. I’m tired and sick and Squidward is a difficult costume. It’ll do.

And voila! Fait accompli!

The most awesome Squidward Costume on the planet…. well at least to my little boy.

Homemade Squidward Costume

Homemade Squidward Costume

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