Coolest Homemade Spongebob, Squidward and Sandy Cheeks Group Costume

SpongeBob: He was made out of a cut down refrigerator box from a local Lowe’s… got that for free :) He was painted with regular acrylic craft paints and I added some dimension by cutting his belt, tie, eyes, teeth, etc out of cardboard and gluing them on. Underneath we put my son in some yellow SpongeBob pajamas. He already had these, but they probably cost about $5-$10 I’m guessing. I made his hat out of a plain white hat that I bought at WalMart for $1 on clearance and colored it with fabric markers. I painted the stripes on his his socks with the fabric markers as well. Overall it cost me about $1 with all of the other stuff I had on hand, but would probably cost $10-$15 if someone had to purchase all of the materials.

Sandy: I made her head out of papier mache and painted it with acrylic paints as well. The helmet was the tricky part… I was searching all over for a globe or fish bowl or SOMETHING that I could use to make this piece. I saw a light cover that would have worked but it was like $80!!! No way!!! I started brainstorming ideas on how to maybe harden cellophane or clear tape and I came across a Youtube video of tape sculptures!!! This isn’t the one I originally saw, but gives very good instruction on how to do it. I used a cheap $3 giant ball from Walmart which we already had for my son and used the tape to sculpt that. Instead of cutting away like the instructions said I just left a space at the bottom and deflated the ball to take it out. I then trimmed the bottom so my headpiece could fit through, and cut a window so I could see clearly. The sculpture is relatively see-through, but I wanted a clear line of sight. The suit was a painters suit which I got for like $2 at Lowes. It’s one of those cheap throw away suits with a hood. I cut off the hood and drew the details on with fabric paint. I made the mittens out of $1/yard fabric from Walmart which I only bought ½ yard. So that was a whopping $.50. The tail was made from a teddy bear that I purchased from a thrift store for another whopping $.50. I just roughly cut and sewed it together… used the same batting that was already in it, and added a hanger for support. I then sewed all of that into the suit. Altogether Sandy cost me about $5 after I purchased the packing tape.

Squidward: He was by far the biggest undertaking… LITERALLY! I made the head out of papier mache like Sandy, but I added a piece of $1 poster board to the bottom to give it that long face look. I again painted it all with acrylic paints. The mouth was just a piece of cut cardboard leftover from Spongebob’s remnants. I made the nose out of fabric, which I also used to make his entire suit. I roughly used a pattern for the suit, but I had to adjust it quite a bit because my boyfriend is 6’7”… so I guess I technically made up my own pattern! I made the shoes by hand and separate from his outfit. My boyfriend loves character slippers and house shoes, so I decided to make him some slippers that he could wear without the costume. I had no pattern for this… I just took one of his old slippers and winged it. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself! I added some puff paint to the bottom of the shoes for the “suction cups” and also for grip. I also sewed in some fold over (thumbless) mitten type gloves which also had puff paint for his hands that he could put on and take off, so he would have full mobility when needed. The fabric was on sale/clearance at Walmart for $1.50/yard, and I think I bought 4 yards to be on the safe side. So I spent about $6 on that. I also picked up a zipper from Walmart which was about $2 and a brown polo from a thrift store for about $2, so his costume cost about $11 give or take.

Overall I made all three costumes for under $20 with items I had on hand and a few other cheap materials from thrift stores and Walmart! Thanks for looking! Please comment and enjoy!!! And if you decide to take on the project… good luck!!! :oP

Homemade Spongebob, Squidward and Sandy Cheeks Group Costume

Homemade Spongebob, Squidward and Sandy Cheeks Group Costume

Homemade Spongebob, Squidward and Sandy Cheeks Group Costume

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  1. I was thrilled when I found this! My husband and I are doing this same theme this year with our 3 year old son, so relieved to find a way to make Sandy’s helmet. Thanks so much!! =)

  2. Well done! They look great. You’re obviously very handy and creative. Even with your good instructions I still wouldn’t be able to do this good of a job. I may try this myself! Thanks much for posting this online for all of us to see. Wish me luck!

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