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Squidward the Coolest Costume I’ve Ever Made

My grandson wanted to be Squidward this year for Halloween, so I took on the challenge!  The journey began with putting pieces of clothing together at my local Salvation Army Shop, Ocean State Job Lot, Michael’s Craft Store, Dollar Tree and Walmart (Total cost $38.18).

I began by assembling the hat which is made from a piece of material cut out of a blue gown, attached to a paper bakers hat and stuffed with fiber fill.  Out of card board, I drew Squidward’s face and attached the face to the hat with Velcro. I then sewed the hat to the top and glued black felt.

Once the hat was finished, the tentacles were made.  Two legs being the first set of tentacles made out of pajamas, then I cut and sewed sweat pants (stuffed with fiberfilling) to the pj’s. Attached to the tentacles are socks with light and dark purple felt.  A light blue shirt was used for the upper body, topped off with a polo shirt.

The hardest part of this project, coming up with an idea to create the head.  My first attempt was a paper mache head, which was a fail when I realized it would be too heavy for a seven year old to walk around with all night!!  Plan B worked out terrific (very light weight).  The most satisfying part was my sense of accomplishment and the joy my grandson got out of wearing his costume (although it was a bit complicated for him every time I said we need to try it on for alterations).

My Squidward was cranky that night (typical for Squidward) and he was worried about sitting on and walking on his tentacles, but he did insist on doing the photo shoot at the playground in true Squidward style.

He did not enter a costume party for prizes, but many people commented that if he did, he would have won first prize.


Squidward the Coolest Costume I've Ever Made

Squidward the Coolest Costume I've Ever Made

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