Coolest Spongebob Halloween Costume

My 3 year old son kept saying he wanted a Spongebob Halloween costume. I was hoping he would want to be something simpler, like Spiderman, or Batmam, so I waited to see if he would change his mind (as many 3 year old’s often do). But he insisted on being Spongebob. So very last minute I decided to make him his costume.

List of items I purchased:
White toddler girl knee high socks (they don’t make em for boys)
White toddler stockings (also girls)
RID yellow dye (dyed the white stockings)
Laced dress shoes (bought for $10 at Kmart)
Brown felt (1 yard)—I think
Yellow felt (2 yard)—I think
Maroon felt (little square)
Pink felt (little square)
Tan felt (little square)
Black Pipe Cleaners
Heavy Duty self stick Velcro

List of items used but not purchased:
White indoor paint
Small paint roller
Blue Painter’s tape
Clear scotch tape
Packaging Tape
White construction paper
Yellow long sleeve t-shirt
Permanent Markers
Super Glue
Assorted colored markers.

From work I got two lids from a cardboard box that held office paper. I purchased yellow felt for the skin, brown felt for the pants, red felt for the tie, dark red/maroon for the mouth, pink felt for the tongue and a light tan colored felt for the “craters” Spongebob has all over. When I covered the lids with yellow felt I realized you can see right through it and noticed the text and designs that was on the box, so I painted the lids white with some leftover indoor paint we had. Before I painted I drew Spongebob’s face and outlined with permanent marker. I happen to have a small paint roller and used that to paint the lids white. It gave good coverage, but I could still see Spongebob’s drawn face with the marker all the while it concealed the text and designs and stuff that I was trying to cover on the box.

With the lids painted white, I then cut semi circles on the sides for arm holes and cut the lower part of the box off for my son’s legs to move around. I covered with the yellow felt, then I could still see through and see the face I drew and I traced it with a marker on the felt, and cut out the eyes and mouth. I then glued the yellow felt to the box lid on the outside and taped it with regular packaging tape (where no one can see) on the inside of the lid. I got some regular white construction paper for the Spongebob shirt, and glued brown felt for the pants. I had some extra brown felt that I safety pinned to some shorts my son already had, which gave the appearance of Spongebob’s shorts. Cut out the mouth shape with the maroon felt and cut out teeth shapes (since the box is already painted white). Then added pink felt tongue and red felt tie. I had some black pipe cleaners to really make it pop! Outlined the eyes, mouth, and collar of shirt with black pipe cleaners. I traced a kid’s vitamins lid for the irises of the eyes with some blue painters tape that we already had. Outlined the eye pupils with a quarter also on the blue tape, colored in black with permanent marker. Cut out the blue circle, since it was tape, just stuck it in eyes.

I had some Heavy Duty Velcro but hubby and I could not decide how to place it. We placed some strips on the side edges above the armholes, and another set below the armholes. They were black and hid very well. After the glue dried on some parts it left a whitish residue I had some colored markers on hand and colored those areas in. The parts that displayed the white residue was mostly the black pipe cleaners so it was really easy to just use a black permanent marker to color in. The mouth was maroon which also showed some glue residue and I used a maroon marker, which really blended it in well. The costume was complete!

Stockings that were dyed with yellow RID dye (he hated the stockings!). Son already had a long sleeve yellow shirt, so we put that on him and some shorts that we covered with the brown felt, to look like Spongebob’s shorts.

We got knee high white socks (also girls), for the blue and red rings, we used the blue painters tape for the blue rings, and regular clear scotch tape for the red ring, and we just colored the clear tape in with a red permanent marker, and the end result looked good!

Got some black laced dress shoes, and viola!

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  1. My 4 yr old wants to be Spongebob this Halloween and I was lost on how to make him a nice costume until I ran across yours. This is fabulous thank you for sharing this with others. You are very talented. Thank you and Happy Halloween to your family and little trick or treaters.


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