Coolest Homemade Sponge Bob Costume Idea for a Group

My Sponge bob costume idea came about because my nieces of four years and two years of age love SpongeBob. I decided to make a dream come true for two special little girls in my life. Up to a challenge and about two weeks of work I came out with costumes in which my nieces smiled for joy and excitement to see. What made these costumes more special was that my girlfriend who was Spongebob, my two other friends who were Mr. Krabs( friend got sick and couldn’t wear costume)and Patrick and myself as Squidward, drew attention and lots and I mean lots of pictures were taken plus many handshakes on blocks. we walked to take my nieces to get candy.

Honestly putting a smile and making dreams come true for my nieces was satisfying for me. What made my costumes more satisfying were seeing other kids and parents smile and scream “SPONGEBOB!” and parents and kids saying “Wow” and making their eyes believe on characters people love come true. I thought my costumes were just ordinary costumes, anyone could make but I realized my passion and worked delivered warm feelings and joy to my nieces’ family friends and everyday people that one Halloween night.

Total Spent: $50

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