I work at a summer camp and the day before all the kids leave all the lifeguards like to dress up in a silly group costume to entertain the kids. This was probably one of the best costumes we came up with. There are 7 of us lifeguards, and we recruited our boss to be snow white. We all already had black leggings. At our camp, we have a fashion teacher and he was willing to take on making snow whites dress, all of our hats, the black fabric for our belts and the brown fabric for our shoes. We went to Walmart and bought extra large men’s plain shirts in the color of the dwarf we decided to be. We used cardboard and cotton balls to make a beard. We also used cardboard and glitter to make our belt buckles. For our shoes, we cut out a square of fabric and used yarn to wrap it around our shoes. For our tools, some people decided to buy a kids shovel from the dollar store and others decided to make an axe from wood and cardboard. We then covered it all in glitter.

This costume was extremely easy to make because we had a sewing machine and someone that was extremely talented in that department. But the only thing we had to buy was the shirt. All the kids at camp really loved it, especially because snow white was someone that has never worn a dress before!