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Home Made Wicked Queen From Snow White Halloween Costume

This home made Wicked Queen from Snow White Halloween costume was a costume that garnered many compliments through out the night, from dinner at The Outback (yes my husband and his friends who did NOT dress up insisted we join them) to the club where someone yanked on my chin while on the dance floor (not recommended!) Anyway, I chose this particular character because I was feeling extra generous and wanted to offer my friends a tasty shiny treat….hehehe…so if you are feeling a little wicked this year, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Plastic Apple (I got mine from Michael’s), Red Glitter, Glitter Glue, Paint Brush, Glaze
  • A Black Cape, A Fake Nose Chin, Spirit Gum, Liquid Latex, Luminous Foundation, Black Eye Shadow, Black Gel Eyeliner, Black/White Hair Extensions
  • And most importantly a creepy disposition…

I made the apple a couple days ahead of time by slathering half of it with glitter glue. I then filled a bowl with the glitter and rolled the wet half of the apple in it. Repeat the same process for the other half. Once it’s dry, brush the entire apple with glaze to hold the glitter in place.

For the face: First I stretched the skin on my forehead with two fingers and held it in place as I dabbed on the liquid latex with an old blush brush. This exaggerates the area makes the wrinkles more predominant. Then I used a hair dryer to dry the latex and applied powder before releasing the skin. I repeated the same process around my face in the areas where the skin naturally wrinkles over time. Once I was happy with my new wrinkles, I used the gel liner to draw two wicked eye brows. Then I used the luminous foundation to cover my entire face as well as the fake nose and chin. I then applied the spirit gum to the inside of the nose and chin where it would touch my face. Let it set until it becomes tacky and then set it on your face. I went around the edges of each with the liquid latex (for texture) and then the foundation to hide the seam. To finish I brushed on the eye shadow in the places that your face naturally creases to accentuate the wrinkled areas.

For the outfit I wore a black cape and I fashioned an inside pocket for it out of a gallon sized zip lock bag. This came in handy when I wanted to bust a spooky move on the dance floor and did not want to drop my precious apple. To complete the look I used bobby pins to hold the hood in place and to attach the hair extensions. I screwed on my “I’m gonna get you smile” and headed out the door for a night of fun!

Home Made Wicked Queen From Snow White Halloween Costume

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