Cool DIY Disney Costume: The Evil Queen

My Evil Queen costume this year was a smash hit at the party! I went to a Disney party and boy was it fun to be mistaken for the real deal. but getting there was half the battle. Sewing this was tough being I DON’T sew and really have not had any sewing training whatsoever, but I took in the challenge anyway.

I slaved over it for weeks with bloody pricked fingers to boot. I started with the cape knowing it was going to be the hardest and waited for for COUPONS to get the ABSOLUTE lowest price possible for this. I was stunned at how little this cost being wise and waiting for fabric to go on sale. I cut and made a hand made pattern for the cape using newspaper and tape cutting a piece similar in shape to a triangle. Then measuring my neck, I cut that off the top of the triangle. Sewed three of them together and added the white neck piece out of interfacing. I lined the cape with pretty red satin for a amazing finish.

Next onto the dress. This I had to use a pattern so I picked up a simplicity pattern made for renaissance times and altered it a bit…. Very easy to follow these patterns. I added the gold trim to the arms for her Regal look and I wanted more than plain so I went with sequence gold. Then I finished the crown. Now I did purchase the basis crow off line, but added major jewels to it to bling it out plus was able to close up the top due to the fact that it was kind of cheesy and open so you could see my head. The evil queen wears one that is closed in so I had to make it as authentic as possible.

I had purchased a pair of very comfortable high heels (naturalizer) to walk in and got black glitter with midge podge. Using a technique I used on Pinterest I glitterfied my heels! They turned out amazing even of you really couldn’t see them under my dress. Every detail ha to be spot on. Next I found some rope in the clearance isle at the local craft store and hot clues the tassel for just the right touch. My black under shirt consisted of a turtleneck I picked up at a secondhand store and the finger gloves at a flea market. I spent pennies on this costume for sewing. If you are willing to just take the time and effort, with a little bit of magic you too can have a fa fabulous Halloween costume to wow the audience.

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