Best Handmade Evil Queen Costume

So, I’m a Halloween baby. In 2014, I went to the party at Disneyland on Halloween night. I wore my birthday pin and my Evil Queen costume – the first costume I made almost completely by hand and had so many people telling me “happy birthday!”

The best part was meeting the characters, especially since on Halloween, characters you don’t normally see are out. My favorite interaction was with the Tremaines. They were really polite (probably because I was a queen and they wanted to be royals, too), and when I left, Drizella called out “Good night, your grace!”. Although I didn’t get to meet the Evil Queen herself (because of time schedules with Hades and Jafar), I saw her at the end-of-night parade, and I just had to say “Hello, your majesty!” She looked over at me and smirked at my costume as she strode off. I did get to show her a photo of the costume last year (and she told me I made the right choice in dressing up as her.)

The costume itself was fairly simple. It was my second time making it (the first time, I was still learning and didn’t hem, so it was a mess.) I didn’t use a pattern, but I’m really proud of how flowy it came out. My friend helped me make a collar out of felt that attaches to the cape, but it sags a little, so I hope to fix that.

The biggest issue was the headpiece. I had no idea how to make it, but I did my best, even though it didn’t last past the party. I bought a ninja hood at a dollar store and plan to convert it for the next time I wear her.

The OG villain is the best (though Hades, Facilier, Scar and Jafar are my other faves.)

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