Being 7 best friends it was very hard to find a big group costume. We narrowed it down to the 7 dwarfs and matched each character with our personalities. We are from the city Hoboken in New Jersey, so for fun we called ourselves the 7 sexy Dwarfs from the City (a play on words from Sex and the City).

We all got together one night and had a blast home-making our belts and hats. On the back of each belt it says “Hi-Ho” to add a little detail. We wanted our outfits to be very feminine.  We Googled a picture of the original 7 dwarfs and tried to match our shirts and socks with the colors of each appropriate dwarf.  Finally we decided to just miss-match all colors and get crazy; including putting our “Dopey” in a fitted turtleneck dress.

It all worked perfectly! Then we thought, what are the 7 dwarfs without Snow White?  We persuaded my older sister to dress up and join us and it became a hit!  Our costumes got a lot of attention for creativity and originality.  We hope you enjoy our photos!