Living in a house with seven girls and one guy we knew we had to be creative this Halloween. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the perfect idea for my roommates and I, and we loved the idea of turning our roommate Jonah into a male Snow White.

Check out our costume in action here!

First, we had to figure out a way to make that happen and find the proper clothing. We were able to find bright yellow pants and decided to have him wear a white collared shirt under a blue shirt with a red cape. Instead of having a red bow in his hair like Snow White does, we had him wear a red bow tie instead, along with the red cape, while holding a red apple! I am so happy with the way his outfit came out and so proud that I was able to turn him into a male Snow White!

It was a challenge at first to figure out how to make the dwarf hats. I didn’t want them to look like dunce caps and I didn’t want to be lazy and just use beanies. After a couple test runs with different materials, I finally came to a conclusion and made the dwarf hats out of solid colored bandanas using fabric glue and iron on letters for the names! I cut out two large triangles, glued the two sides together and then turned it inside out once the glue dried, then folded up the bottom to make the rim. I made the belts out of brown fabric and yellow felt, also using fabric glue. Finally, I cut the Hi Ho’s that we safety-pinned to the back of our shorts out of black and white felt.

The DIY process for this costume took several hours but the reactions we got on Halloween night were definitely worth the time. Everyone loved our costume and was calling us by our dwarf names all night. The personality of the Dwarfs definitely matched my group of friends, so it was easy to be in character throughout the night, and we won the costume contest for best group costume at a local bar in our college town! I have made a lot of DIY and creative costumes in the past for my friends and myself but this is definitely my favorite one out of all of them!