As a new mommy I wanted to create a couple costume for my son and I. I brainstormed several combinations and finally decided on the cute couple Princess SnowWhite and the cutest dwarf Dopey; only because I shower my baby boy with kisses just like in the movie Dopey loves kisses.

To start off I bought felt material for the Dopey costume in lime green and purple also a small piece of beige for the ears. I sewed the felt like a turtle neck long sleeve shirt and added huge buttons and some patchwork to the oversize Dopey shirt. Then I sewed the hat like a Santa hat and added ears. I used fabric puffy paint to add Dopeys name on the front. For the SnowWhite dress I followed a simple long skirt pattern and puffy sleeve pattern. I added the collar with piece of felt inside to make it slightly stiff but not bothersome. I added ribbon in a lace up style to the back part of the dress. I made the headband from a simple dollar headband. I covered it in red silk ribbon and added a bow. I used regular black flat Shoes. My son used brown house shoes. We were both very comfortable in our costumes and we got many compliments while trick or treating for the first time!

I absolutely loved how our costumes turned out! I enjoyed taking my son to the Halloween festival and seeing him trick or treat for the first time as a little lovable dwarf. He was adorable walking around in the huge shirt. Even though we didn’t enter any contests I think the costume is a winner! I’m glad I chose that cute theme because as he grows he gets to choose what he will dress up for on Halloween and the older he gets he definitely won’t want to dress up cute. I hope me sharing our costumes inspires others to dress up for Halloween too! :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!