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Coolest Homemade Snooki Halloween Costume

I started this Snooki Halloween costume by buying a poof wing 10$. A friend of mine had the sneaker shoe slippers so didn’t have to spend any money on those, went and  got a spray tan a the salon for 35$ , made myself an appt for fake nails, 45$, bought some hop earrings 5$ at the costume store, and glasses 12$ at the costume store then I glued glitter to them that I got at the dollar store for 1$ and cheetah print dress that one of my friend had so that was free  as well. I did end up going and getting a double push up bra because I wanted more volume in that department!

Overall I spent about 110 bucks and the whole time before the pub crawl I worried. Couldn’t believe I decided I was dressing up like this, really thought I was crazy!

Then once I got to the bar the bouncer was like, wow, this costume is amazing, the bartender is dressed as the same thing but yours is way hotter, and everyone wanted pictures. In the end it was a hit!


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