Coming up with clever Halloween costumes has never been easy for me, I stress about it for months and always end up doing something very last minute. This year it just happened to work for me!

I was going through my mother’s sewing patterns to get ideas and came across this great vintage 50s pattern that she never had used, and immediately thought “Lucille Ball”. All I needed was to pick out the fabric and buttons I wanted on it. Decided on the white and black polka dotted one because I figured I could make it go with anything (shoes, wig, belt, jewelery).

The wig was difficult to find because I only had a little over a week to do so, the internet became my best friend for that one and luckily I found a cheap one on amazon and was able to have it shipped in just a few days. The wig itself looked absolutely ridiculous and for the life of me I could not get it to stay on. For that I bought a mesh wig cap liner that I found a party store for just a few bucks. If you have long hair like me that definitely helps with keeping it all on your head without any stray pieces falling out. The wig still looked like it needed something so I went to a craft store and bought a small piece of white fabric, which I wrapped underneath and just tied a little bow ontop. That helped secure the wig as well as make it more complete looking because the wig itself looked kind of silly.

For make up all I did was wear fake eyelashes, red lipstick, and did a cat eye look with liquid eyeliner.

Everything else I found at the thrift store! The red heels, polkadotted blouse to keep me warm, red belt (can’t really tell in pictures but I wore a red belt) and the pearl earings and necklace.

I spent under 50 bucks with the whole thing which was way more rewarding than going to the store and buying a costume, plus I got a sweet dress out of it!

I didn’t expect the kind of responses I got from this. I lost count on how many people came up to me and told me how much I looked like Lucy , asked where I got the costume from, and had their pictures taken with me. It was so overwhelming and awesome. Best idea I’ve had so far!