I am first of all like the palest of pale skin tone. I had to get 3 spray tans and by Revlon and the dollar store’s darkest foundation makeup to achieve Snooki’s tan/orange skin color. I hiked my boobs up by wearing to bras with air inserts. The sunglasses I had from years ago. I did buy a black wig and then created the signature Snooki’s poof hair style.

I used an old nightly as a dress and bought some cheap leopard slippers from Target. There were some Snooki costumes out that year but the show was still new. I got more complements about my look because I’m shrot at only 5’2″ tall and because I’m more chunky so the body type matched better than so me of the skinny girls or dudes trying to do the costume. I would say I felt super hot dressed as Snooki’s and I really enjoyed the smooth makeup completion…I almost didn’t want to take it off. You can see in my pic I did a spilt face of the natural me to the Snooki’s tone. This costume was fun because you could do a group and that year I found a Pauly D at the party. So it was cool. The look of a Jersey Girl is timeless and I think you could still do this costume without it having to portray Snooki.