Coolest Homemade Baby Snooki Costume

I ordered a Red Wig ( Mostly used for Amy Whinehouse Costume ).
And found a few things in my closet that would look good together to make a Baby Snooki Costume (From jersey shore).

Homemade Baby Snooki Costume

Homemade Baby Snooki Costume

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Baby Snooki Costume”

  1. There is something morally wrong with dressing a toddler as a hard-partying, alcohol abusing loser like Snooki. I hope to God your child doesn’t actually know who Snooki is. If so, you need to reassess your parenting skills. This costume is shameful and offensive. There have to be better role models you want your child to aspire to be like.


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