Coolest Snooki Costume

This Snooki costume was really easy and cheap!

The Snooki wig came from a Halloween/party store. I borrowed the leopard print dress from a good friend of mine and ended up pinning up the bottom so it was nice and short. I purchased a cheap pair of black sunglasses from the Dollar store and little gems from a craft store to glue on to them. For the slippers I just dug through my closet and picked the biggest ones I owned!

The night before the party, I hit up a local tanning salon and got an airbrush tan to give myself a little orange glow.

Everyone loved the costume! I actually ended up having my boyfriend dress up as Pauly D. He bought a wig and shirt from a halloween/party store. And then just wore his regular jeans.

The best part about this is that I am the actual size of Snooki! Only 4’9″ tall!

Homemade Snooki Costume

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