It was really easy to make my jersey shore Snookie Costume. I’m already tanned and short so all that was needed was a racey club dress, guidette makeup and of course the infamous Snookie Poof. I looked through my closet and found a silver dress that I had worn for a birthday party previous years ago and added some glam and sparkle by hand sewing sequins on the bust area.

The biggest challenge was getting the poof done outrageously. It probably took a couple hours to tease my hair up into a 4 inch poof but it was successful with the help of “Got2b glued blasting freeze hairspray” (the same hairspray Pauly D uses for his blow out). Snookie is a pretty curvy girl, and I unfortunately am blessed with nothing more than an A cup. I decided to get “the miraculous bra” from Victoria Secret. It’s a bra said to make your bra size go up two cup sizes. To make the chest area look more natural, I decided to contour my cleavage with the right amount of makeup. The end result lead to people actually thinking I was Snookie.