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Coolest Jersey Shore Adult Couple Costume

It was easy to put this Jersey Shore Adult Couple Costume together to be Pauly D and Snooki. For Pauly D – we got the wig, really large magnetized earrings, headphones, a too-tight Ed Hardy looking t- shirt, and a velvet blazer for when we went out. For Snooki – we got the wig, put WAY too much makeup on, mandatory tight leopard dress, and sunglasses that I glued rhinestones to. It helped that I’m 5 feet tall!

The best part was the tans. We looked much darker than in the photo. Just used bronzer on the faces and purchased Sally Hansen spray on pantyhose at Walgreens for the tans. It is great – waterproof and looks even. My husband is pretty pale, so this was definitely a different look for him. Many people didn’t even recognize him!

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