Sexy X-Wing Pilot Costume (Only Star Wars Fans Will Understand)

SIMPLE! (And we learned only true Star Wars fans understand it!)

  • Neon orange jumpsuit I bought off Ebay
  • I had a white vest from previous years. For the front box- felt went over a grey piece of foam and elastic held it up and around.
  • I could not find thick grey elastic, so I used white and glued 2 long strips and 1 shorter strip of 1 inch cord (from the craft store) to the waistband.

I didn’t wear gloves or boots (too much to deal with). It was difficult because I have to take off EVERYTHING to go to the bathroom. I also made a helmet purse with the Rebel Alliance Starbird out of felt because I did not want to buy a helmet and it had a multi-purpose use for the night!