First off I go big on my costume every year because Halloween is my birthday and also my favorite time of the year.  For my Poison Ivy costume, I went to hobby lobby to get fake leaves and glitter ect to put on the costume. I then went to Joann fabrics to get fabric so I could hand stitch a skirt I got the corset from hot topic which was plain when I got it and I hot glued everything on it.

I already had the boots which I spray painted green and put the leaves and stuff on them and then I spray everything down with glitter the vine around my leg I hot glue gunned to some tights. The best part about making the costume was putting the skirt together because I enjoy sewing which was also the hardest part. I got a lot of cos play fans asking to take pictures and a lot of people were stunned that I made it And put it together myself. To top it all off I permanently dyed my hair raspberry red so that I wouldn’t get red hair paint everywhere.  A few people thought I was Mother Nature which is understandable for people who didn’t see the 90s batman movie. overall I was very proud of myself!