Beware of This Sexy Poison Ivy

My costumes for Halloween are chosen each year by my little cousin, Kira, who is currently “almost 4”. This year, she insisted that I dress up as “Poison Ivy”. For a kid, she really likes villians. So, the thinking process instantly went into DIY mode and the excitement to wear a one-of-a-kind costume was in abundance.

Before any DIY project, I like to do some research to eliminate common problems others have encountered. Looked up Poison Ivy costumes on Pinterest and decided on the type of outfit I wanted to wear. YouTube videos helped me a lot when it came to actually putting the costume together. I then googled make up images and found an image I wanted to duplicate.

What I used:

Gathering all the materials and making a plan. This step was rather difficult because I was searching for a green one piece swim suit in Fall. After talking to family and friends, I was persuaded to up the “sexy” factor and show off my tummy. (I have worked hard to be a healthy and active person and now have “baby abs” as proof). Going out of my comfort zone, I agreed and decided on a two piece for my costume.

  • bra top (vs, already had)
  • white swim suit bottom (vs, already had)
  • green acrylic paint (already had)
  • black heels (sheik, already had)
  • red wig (spirit halloween, $20)
  • green stockings (spirit halloween, $7)
  • green fishnet fingerless gloves (spirit halloween, $8)
  • sewing needle (hobby lobby, $3)
  • body adhesive (hobby lobby, $5)
  • green thread (hobby lobby, $2)
  • green glitter (hobby lobby, $3)
  • green rit liquid color dye (hobby lobby, $3)
  • leaves on a vine (jo-ann’s fabric, $14 original price but I had a 50% off coupon, $7)
  • small leaves in a bag (goodwill thrift store, $2)
  • green eyeshadow pallet (walgreens, $1)

Total cost of costume = $61 (taxes not included)

What I did:

I used the rit dye and colored the white bottom. Sewed on the leaves to the bra top, swim suit bottom, left side of the stockings, and to the glove I would be using on my right. This process was classified as trial and error. The perfectionist crafter that I am was not satisfied the first several times with the placement of the leaves. So, there I was, taking off and putting on leaves for a few hours until I was happy. I painted my black heels with the acrylic paint. I used the body adhesive to glue the glitter on my forehead for a more dramatic look. BAMMM! costume completed and ready to enter a contest at my local country club, Whiskey River Houston. By the way, I lost to “Eve”.

Overall, the process was simple and the final product was amazing. I had a blast celebrating Halloween this year. Here’s to another chance to win a costume contest. Hope I win this time.

Beware of This Sexy Poison Ivy

Beware of This Sexy Poison Ivy

Beware of This Sexy Poison Ivy

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