Sexy Poison Ivy Homemade Costume

For Halloween I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to be and what I could make on my own without a sewing machine and have it look sexy and cute. After thinking for a couple weeks and looking around for some ideas, I decided that I was going to make a sexy Poison Ivy costume. I went to Ben Franklin’s craft store to get supplies. I got one 10 ft string of veins, 1 yard of stretchy elastic green material, a sheet of glitter foam paper. Then I found stencils and cut out little bats and letters, hot glue gun, glue sticks, gold glitter, and regular Elmer’s glue.

I bought a cheap bra from Walmart to decorate for this too. How I made my costume was I cut off all the leaves on the vein and glued them on to the bra and the straps. I kept all my leaves going up in the same direction just changed the size and color of the leaves. Then I took a pair of go go tie bottoms (bathing suit bottoms would work too) and used it as a stencil to cut out the green fabric for the bottoms to my costume. Glued a bat on the front and the letters on the back. Tied them on to me, double knotted them and those were done.

Using the leftover fabric I cut 2 long strips of it and glued leaves to those and then I glued the strips to the back of the bra. When you are putting it on just wrap it around the front and tie in the back. Then to finish up I love glitter, so I went ahead and put glitter on the leaves of the bra and poured glitter all over the top part. Let it dry and that was it. Pretty simple!