In the summer a person on an on-line garage sale was giving away a large bag of bubble wrap. i jumped on it thinking, I know I can make a costume with this. I immediately thought of an octopus, but it was my husband who said, make him a scuba diver that has been captured by an octopus. I loved the idea and ran with it!

Some sweatpants and sweatshirts, dyed blue, ( the color wasn’t how I wanted it, but oh well) then cut up to make the extra arms and the head. some baby clothes in black stuffed and sewn on the front to make the scuba divers body. The hands are from an old doll, the flippers are make with craft foam. The bubbly wrap was attached with fabric glue. My son insisted that Spongebob and Patrick also be captured by the octopus, see if you can find them as well!