Costumes are kind of a big deal in our home. My husband and I go to 2-3 costume parties a year, and I always make the costumes. They are usually pretty fabulous, so the bar was set high for our son’s second Halloween.

He was a year and a half old and was starting to have very firm ideas on things. At the time, he was obsessed with octopuses. The word octopus was his favorite. But he pronounced it “ahpudah”. It only made sense that given the chance, he wanted to dress up as one!!

Making the Octopus Costume

I went out and got:

  • A long sleeve onesie
  • Four pairs of ladies knee-high socks
  • Pom-Pom yarn
  • A slouchy toque in coordinating shades of blue and got to work!

He loved watching the process but seemed a little confused when I told him I was making an octopus. I’m sure it didn’t look like any octopus he had ever seen.
Once it was all finished and he got to put it on, he definitely recognized himself as an “ahpudah”! He didn’t want to take it off!!! For the two weeks leading up to Halloween, he wanted to put it on every day. He even wanted to sleep in it!