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10+ Coolest Homemade Squid and Octopus Costumes

Set your sights towards the sea for some awesome marine costume inspiration! These squid and octopus costumes are so creative and innovative. They are exactly what you need to elevate your DIY costume this Halloween.

They may be slimy in real life, but the homemade costumes featured here are made of all different types of materials. From pink velour to pool noodles, you will see all different textures formed into your favorite sea creatures.

In addition, the colors are vibrant and fun. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t be bound by traditional colors found in nature.

Another fantastic idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money is the clever use of suction cups. Use them from bathtub mats to adorn tentacles for an extremely realistic effect.

So whether you’re looking to create a baby octopus or a grown-up squid, this collection has fabulous ideas to get you started on your own DIY costume.