I made this Octopus Baby Costume completely by hand using needle, thread, material, and a bathroom tub mat. I made this for my 1 year old grandson, measured the height he was then cut the material 1 inch above so it wouldn’t drag. It was like a dress below the bottom so he could move freely then I sewed each tentacle ensuring they were the same width and height.

I used the bathroom mat (since it has suckers on them) and cut a bunch of them out. I hot glued over 40 suckers to each tentacle. I made the eyes partially see through so my grandson would not be scared and could see through it. I drew in eyes with black marker and white out. For fun I attached a little blue shark and a fish to the tentacles.

This took a long time since I sewed everything by hand. The keys were just a bribe (not apart of the costume) to keep my grandson from crying.