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Coolest Octopus Baby Costume

I made this Octopus Baby Costume completely by hand using needle, thread, material, and a bathroom tub mat. I made this for my 1 year old grandson, measured the height he was then cut the material 1 inch above so it wouldn’t drag. It was like a dress below the bottom so he could move freely then I sewed each tentacle ensuring they were the same width and height.

I used the bathroom mat (since it has suckers on them) and cut a bunch of them out. I hot glued over 40 suckers to each tentacle. I made the eyes partially see through so my grandson would not be scared and could see through it. I drew in eyes with black marker and white out. For fun I attached a little blue shark and a fish to the tentacles.

This took a long time since I sewed everything by hand. The keys were just a bribe (not apart of the costume) to keep my grandson from crying.

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Octopus Baby Costume”

  1. Hi Melanie

    I love this costume and am currently trying to make an octopus costume for my daughter’s Christmas pageant (the theme is the Octopus’s Garden).

    Would you please be able to post some more detail on how you created the head and are the tentacles like a belt or are they sewn on to the dress part of the costume?? I’d love any help you could offer!



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