Coolest Octopus Costume

My Octopus costume was made by me! It took a long time but was well worth it! I got 3 pairs of purple leggings which I stuffed with polyester wadding, in a roll as to not get lumpy legs! I then put garden wire through the middle of each leg to create the curve at the end. I used a sewing machine to sew these together as it was hard work! These then hung off my shoulders.

I got a purple dress in the same colour too with long sleeves so my arms were matching the leggings. I painted Suction Cup Pad Sucker’s white with nail varnish! I then sewed these onto the underneath of each leg and sleeve.

With a bit of help from my friends at work I was able to make the hat construction out of cardboard, again I covered this in polyester wadding and then covered this using double sided tape with purple material, again matching the rest of the outfit. I finished it off with 2 big googley eyes!

But the ultimate finishing touch was attaching fish wire from my wrists onto the next octopus legs, this really confused people, even me! Especially when I went to pick something up, or when I hugged someone all the octopus legs wraped around them too!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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