My son wanted a giant octopus costume for Halloween. I started with a hooded sweatshirt. I used three pairs of ladies heavy tights for the tentacles. I cut both ends of the tights and sewed one end of each tentacle to a point.

I then stuffed each tight with stuffing. Next I cut out suckers for each tentacle making them larger at the base and smaller to the end. I used a glue gun to attach the suckers. I then sewed each tentacle around the hood of the sweatshirt, three on the front and three in the back. Each of the arms of the sweatshirt are tentacles too so I glued suckers to them also.

I used a foam ball for the eyes. I cut the ball in half and covered each half with white fabric. I used black felt to finish the eyes. I glued the eyes on either side of the hood. I cut small circles of felt to finish decorating the hood. My son loves his costume.