Scary Mickey and Minnie Mouse DIY Couple Costume

The inspiration for my scary Mickey and Minnie Mouse couple costume came when I was brainstorming what to be for halloween. I like to take a well-known, usually cute, character and make them scary.

While I was trying to think of a character, I saw a snippet of Ratatouille, which made me think of mice, which led me to Mickey and Minnie, the 2 most famous mice of all time! So I went to thrift stores for the red shorts and the red dress. The black underclothes we already had.

I had the ears for me (Minnie) but I cut out ears for Mickey using posterboard. I bought nude colored mesh wig caps that dyed black to cover our hair. For the faces I used masking tape to cover our noses and create a lip to attach the teeth to. The teeth are fake nails I trimmed into a pointed shape. The rest of the face is just makeup/facepaint! I had the white contacts to make my eyes extra creepy.

The whole process of the face took a lot of time to perfect. The masking tape only sticks with liquid latex under it. Unfortunately the latex irritates my skin so this month I have had some rashy cheeks as I kept practicing the makeup anyway.

I live for Halloween and this is my first one with my boyfriend. I am so excited to share it!

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