My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and we were originally going to both go as Minnie Mouse.  She decided to be Little Red Riding Hood so I changed up my Minnie Mouse for the adult party I attended.  I found the dress at a Goodwill and it was perfect for Minnie Mouse.  I already had the wig, ears, and shoes from previous costumes.  I bought the gloves for a buck at Walmart and drew the black lines on them with marker which totally set them off.

My sister did my awesome makeup which totally completed my vampire affect.  I wanted to be original since you see Minnie Mouse costumes every year.  I didn’t want to deal with the teeth so I had her draw them on. The makeup was the most difficult part but it wasn’t hard.  I did my base way lighter than normal but not white and we highlighted my bone structure with a pearl white eyeshadow. We highlighted my shadows with black, purple, and burgundy eye shadows. The teeth were drawn with eyeliner and filled with liquid white.

Every one at the club loved it and I had a blast with it.  My sister also did the zipper face on my husband using latex, foundation to blend into his skin, and red and black liquid to cover his burnt skin and added fake blood.