Back in September my friends and I decided to do a Disney theme for Halloween. I was excited and my first reaction was to choose Minnie & Mickey for my boyfriend and I. When I broke the news to my boyfriend Anthony he was a lot less enthused. As a matter of fact, he was completely opposed to being Mickey. His response was somewhere along the lines of “I’m a 6’2 young man, why in the world would I be Mickey Mouse? That is lame. No, I’m not doing it”.

I spent the next week trying to convince him, but he was not budging. Initially I tried to think of other Disney characters to dress as but I decided that Mickey and Minnie would be most economically efficient for me because I could attempt to make our costumes. After some research, I found that ready made Mickey & Minnie costumes would run me well over $100 and I definitely could not afford that. Next day I started my mission without Anthony’s approval.

I started with the Halloween section at the Dollar Tree store. I picked up two pairs of white clown gloves with a rainbow colored ruffle on them. I knew I could cut that ruffle off then they’d be all white. I also picked up some white trouser socks. $3 spent there.  I was in the mall browsing through stores for a polka dotted dress. On clearance racks of course. I was determined to make this project inexpensive. No luck. At the last store I went into I ran across a black/white polka dot dress. I was praying it was a large or extra large (because I typically wear those sizes), but it was a medium. I thought “what the heck, I’ll just try it on”.

Not only did the dress fit, it only cost $6. I was ecstatic! I found exact matching ribbon to make a hair bow at the fabric store for $3. After internet surfing for petticoats for a week I finally found one I could afford at $7. I knew I had other accessories such as belt and matching shoes in my closet already, therefore the only thing left for me to do was cut, snip and glue bows on.

For my next challenge I had to figure out how I could get Anthony to feel comfortable enough to dress as Mickey. Finally I came up with concept of “hip hop Mickey”. I started looking for red bottoms (shorts or pants) for under $10. No luck. At last I found a pair of pants at a thrift store for $5. I cut out circles from a white Tshirt and glued them on the pants. I knew he owned a long sleeve black shirt so that was one less thing I had to buy. I also knew Anthony would not be caught dead in head band mouse ears so I glued some mouse ears on a hat. I found rubber yellow shoe coverings at medical uniform store for $3.

With a little face paint Mickey and Minnie came to life. We wore our homemade costumes to a Halloween party and everyone we encountered love them! One person even said they were the cutest couple costumes she’d ever seen. I too loved how the costumes turned out and Anthony was very pleased and comfortable as well. I did it all on budget.