This coolest Royal Wedding group costume is probably the coolest group costume I have ever done. It involved ten people, a limousine with a red carpet, and a real herald trumpet.

Participants included Prince William and Kate Middleton, Pippa, Prince Harry, two royal guards, two female cousins with crazy hats, a trumpeter, and the Queen (played by a man)!

From what you see in the pictures, this costume was obviously based on the recent Royal Wedding which happened months before. The only two costumes that were store-bought were the prince’s costume and the costume of the trumpeter. We added some extra touches to Prince William’s costume to make it look more authentic. The trumpeter’s costume was a price charming costume that we modified. He bought a real herald trumpet on E-Bay and let every one know where ever we went, ‘WE ARE HERE”!! by playing a few tunes, (which sounded better after a few pints).

All of the other costumes were put together from what we found or made. The Limo driver was great and even rolled out a red carpet for us at each bar we entered. It was pretty amazing to see. There were cheers from people wherever we went.

We were asked specifically by a bar owner to enter their costume contest, but only got third. It didn’t matter because we had too much fun pretending to be British all night!