Ever since I was a little girl I have loved everything Royal! From waking up early to see Princess Di get married, reading biography and books on Her Majesty, watching Kate & Will get married and overjoyed by the birth of Prince George, I knew without a doubt what I had to be for Halloween. Once I found the dress at my local Goodwill store for a sweet $2.00 my costume unfolded. Some special parts of this costume are the poppy pin, not only was QEII in WW2, the poppy was my husband’s grandmother pin. My purse was my grandmother’s and it went perfect with the outfit. I made the sashes for both my husband and myself, as well as adding red duck tape to the seam of his pants. I made medals of my Prince and topped off his jacket with gold trimming.

We were a hit at my office party, everyone wanted their picture with The Queen and once the music started it was fun dancing like Her Majesty. I hope you enjoy our costumes, it was so much fun!