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Coolest William and Kate Costumes

The gorgeous Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was all over the news this year. I absolutely adore the couple. Immediately after seeing their wedding (in the wee hours of the morning), I knew that replicating their attire would be my goal for Halloween.

Besides loving William and Kate, I thought dressing as them would be easy to pull off with the proper costume since my husband and I sport similar hair styles and hairlines to theirs!

Luckily my husband is a trooper and went along with the costume idea. I think he secretly liked the thought of being a prince for the day, plus he was convinced he’d get to carry a sword.

As for the William and Kate Costumes, they were fairly easy to make, but incredibly time consuming. This was because of all the little details and LOTS of buttons. I used a McCall’s sewing pattern (M4745) for the Prince William costume and added some extra details hoping it’d look more like what William wore.

For Kate’s dress, I made some slight modifications to an old McCall’s pattern (3635) for the satin portion of the bodice. The lace layer of the bodice was very loosely based off of the McCall’s 6120 pattern. I extended the sleeves, changed the neckline, and made the back button up among other things. I kind of just winged the skirt of this dress and then sewed it all together. I also made a petticoat for under the dress to fill it out a bit.

To make the William and Kate Costumes more complete, I purchased a few key accessories. For the wedding day Kate Middleton look, I bought a tiara, a replica of the Sapphire ring, and a replica set of her earrings. I also made a bouquet that resembled hers. Here is the link to the DIY post on how I made the bouquet http://sewwhatshappening.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-2011-royal-wedding-bouquet.html

For the Prince William costume, I purchased some iron on patches to resemble the medal and badge on his actual uniform. Most of the details (sleeves and shoulders) were hand sewn and painted to resemble the details on Williams uniform.

To see more step by step photos, tutorials and other details on how I made these costumes, check out my blog where you’ll find the completed looks and several links to key posts. Also, if you click on the label “William and Kate” or “Wedding gown” on the side of my blog, you’ll find even more posts and details on how these costumes were made.

Coolest Kate Costume - front

Coolest Kate Costume - back

Coolest William Costume

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