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Coolest Homemade Octomom and Kate Gosselin Costumes

This year for Halloween, my friend and I decided to dress up in Homemade Octomom and Kate Gosselin Costumes. We thought these two women were a good
combination. Considering I have long hair, we thought it would be better if I were Octomom. I had to dye it black, therefore I used temporary hair dye, and then parted it to the side. I exaggerated my lips to look fuller, with lip liner and gloss. I made sure to buy sunglasses that had the same shape as the ones she wears. I wore a hoodie and jeans, and bought eight dolls and a bag to hold them in. I made sure to buy two girls and six boys, to match her octuplet’s gender.

Since my friend dresses similar to Kate Gosselin on a regular basis, she only had to buy a blond wig to make this costume. She already owned the sunglasses, purse, hoop earrings, necklace and appropriate clothing. She also had the magazine with the Gosselin family in it.

It took only 15 minutes to cut a regular blond wig, into Kate`s hairdo. Unfortunately, in the beginning, we couldn`t get the one side of the wig to stay down without barrettes, but eventually it stayed in place.

To make the Octomom costume, you need:
Big sunglasses
A pair of jeans
A hoodie
Black hair (or a black wig) parted to the side
Lip gloss and lip liner
Eight baby dolls (two girls and six boys)
A bag or big purse to put the dolls in

To make the Kate Gosselin costume:
Big sunglasses
Hoop earrings
A pair of jeans
A big purse
A magazine with Jon Gosselin in it
A sweater
A blond wig cut to look like Kate Gosselin`s famous hairdo

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