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Coolest Octomom and Paparazzi Homemade Costumes

Items you will need to make these Octomom and Paparazzi Homemade Costumes:

Blanket or baby sling
8 baby dolls (bought for $1 each at Dollar Tree)
Black Wig (bought for $8 at Halloween Costume Store)
Big Black “Glamour” Sunglasses
White Paper
Safety Pins

My husband and I did this costume for our yearly Halloween Camping trip and won 1st place in the contest. Everyone loved the costume and recognized it right away.

This costume is pretty easy and not too pricey to do either. For the Octomom costume all you have to do is throw on the black wig, big black “Hollywood” glasses and some red lipstick (outline lips a little bigger). You can take a small blanket and tie it behind your back and stick the baby dolls in it. My husband and a few friends were my Paparazzi. I printed out some signs and safety pinned them to their backs. They said: Star, National Enquirer, TMZ, etc. All of them were all equipped with cameras and yelled out Nadya! Nadya! with a few questions too.

While they were in action I was posing like crazy for the cameras. One thing I thought of doing after was having some dollars and waving them around too.

This was so much fun! Good Luck!

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