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Fun Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Couple Costume

My friend and I decided in high school we wanted a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Couple Costume, since we had grown up with their movies.  We decided to wear the same clothes except in different colors much like the girls were doing throughout some of their “hits.”  The hats were actually Mary-Kate and Ashley brand from Walmart.

Then we got shirts to bedazzle (with an “A” and “MK”).  We also had matching purses (in different colors of course) and sparkly fabric that we got to wear.  We also wore jeans and the same shoes and earrings.  The two of us maybe spent 20 dollars a piece.  We topped off our costume with “masks” (which of course were just the real Mary-Kate and Ashley’s faces on paint sticks) just in case people didn’t get our costume.  And that’s it!

This was a few years ago, but it was very simple.  We are still Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fans and actually pretty much love everything from the 90’s!

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