Retro Randy Costume I Made from Scratch!

I custom made this kick ass costume from scratch. The costume was made for a pro body building Halloween themed show and had every intention of winning best costume as well as my weight class. I did exactly that! I won first place as a heavy weight and won best costume of the show! All pieces are of better quality and modified to fit the costume.

The cowboy hat was a soft artificial leather that was spray painted red and yellow with vynal spray so it wouldn’t peal. The tank top was fitted with a high quality silk/nylon red and yellow material. The solid strips were sewn on by my mother in law with a sewing machine, so it is not coming off and looks professionally done. The top was then put over a chair back and cut into stripes. The top was also cut right down the middle and fitted with velcro so it could be ripped off very quickly on stave.

The pants were done in the same fashion with the sides cut from top to bottom and are tear away. The solid strips were sewn in by mother in law but this time I cut in sparatic stripes. The glasses were painted red and yellow with the vynal spray. The bandana was purchased in yellow and I took a red magic marker and drew in the MACHO on the front. The arm bands are six strips, three yellow and three red, sewn in the middle to hold the strips together and velcro added. The hair and mustache/beard are higher quality with dense hair and able to style, the beard tapes under the chin and jaw line for that real hair look. This has to be the closest thing to the real deal I have seen to date…

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